This is a picture of Hairy and George. Hairy is the black and white dog. 

“I wonder if I’ll ever have a home and someone who’ll love me?” Ponders Hairy. She is a little black and white puppy whose life has started out badly. Hairy is only a couple of months old when she finds herself abandoned and on the streets. Hairy is taken to an animal shelter where she finds a little girl staring at her one morning. Even though Hairy is frightened she believes this girl might be someone special to her. Hairy’s life is about to take a change for the good and will soon go on adventures she never could have imagined."

This is a picture of me, Marcy Ramsey with my husband, Bob (in plaid shirt) and Joe Wright. Bob and I had renewed our wedding vows on our 26th wedding anniversary and Pastor Joe performed the ceremony for us.